A self-proclaimed band nerd, Jennie was classically trained in piano beginning at age 6 and eventually added playing flute in her high school and college bands before jumping into the songwriting scene. But despite her love for classical music in an ensemble setting, she always had a love and appreciation for the raw soul of a voice and the way a great song could take on a life of its own.

She grew up listening to her parents sing with each other in the choir on Sunday mornings and serenade each other at night with John Denver and James Taylor, her mom on the 12 string and her dad on the 6 string. They raised her to appreciate storytelling and songwriting in its purest and simplest form, appreciating a great song no matter the genre – listening to artists such as John Denver, James Taylor, Alabama, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, The Carpenters, Amy Grant, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston.

Jennie came to age herself as a songwriter on the likes of Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne, Joy Williams, and Katie Herzig where she quickly learned that her desire as an artist was for the rawness, relatability, and simplicity of her songs to reach the listener on an honest and tangible level.

She moved to Nashville and got her feet wet as an independent musician recording a couple of EPs on her own with good friend/producer Chris Robison in his home studio.  With each EP they released she got closer to the sound she desired to represent her as an artist, but still wasn’t there. After taking some time off from recording, she met Dan Diaz (of band Civilian) in 2016 and they collaborated on her single ‘Trainwreck’, her first recording in 3 years. Jennie went on to record her most recent EP 'Seasons' with Dan, engineered by Kam Luchterhand at Soundstage Studios. Seasons is an EP where Jennie has finally come into her own as a songwriter, with her sound soulfully balancing between pop and folk.

Jennie is continuing to write and perform, building and growing with each musical moment. Her
continuing goal is to incorporate the listener as a participant in her music, as the active heartbeat in the
life of her songs. A song is nothing if it is not heard.